Sustainable Tourism in Morocco

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We worked for several European & US Tour Operators & Travel Agencies leading their groups in the sahara desert , now we are sharing our experience & knowledge of our country to anyone who wants to know what Morocco has to offer.

Sahara Camel Trips takes pride in being a Fair Trade small business in Morocco, providing expert advice for free, we save you money, with special offers and our own discounts on many trips. You will never pay more than the service provider would charge you directly, but reduce the number of international payments you have to make.

Whether you are a first-time visitor or an old hand, we will help you get the most out of your time on site and your budget. Travelling autonomously or on a guided trip, you will return home with a head full of images and unforgettable memories.

We are very friendly company and have had guests from all ages . we have hosted solo travellersfamilies , young couples, friendship groups and larger touring groups. We are open to all.

You can choose one of the tried and tested treks that gives you a great taste of Berber life or let us create a unique experience just for you . Whatever you decide, each experience will be unique. No holiday with us can ever be repeated.

We respect desert environment by collecting all the garbage and take it back with us ,we make only small fires at night during cold months ,Cooking is powered by bottled gas to reduce the amount of vegetation removed from this arid landscape ,food scraps and vegetable peelings are fed to the families animals ,desert foxes and other wildlife , nothing is wasted.

When we visit the nomad families home in the desert we pay them a fair price for their hospitality , we respect the families culture by dressing modestly and by smoking away from the home and family. if we bring alcohol we do not drink excessively and not in front of the family. Thank you for your kind consideration.

Electric lights in the Sahara desert are powered by a solar panel and candles this is an adventure which delivers a real taste of every day life Berber life. You will have an authentic desert experience. We pride ourselves on providing a five-star service in clean but basic accommodation.

You will eat, sleep and live as we do. We don’t just offer you a holiday, but a life experience that you will cherish forever.

Sahara Camel Trips tours is a company that organizes a large variety of Desert Tours. We will work alongside you to create the perfect experience for you or your group.


It is your vacation and travel,We want to hear from you and we can disscuss what you are looking for. All our guides are native customs and cultures of our and experts in the country. There are many  canned tours  with large companies, but because this is your vacation, we will design a tour to suit you and your budget. Take a look at what we offer and experience true Moroccan hospitality.

We will listen to your ideas and give you the best advice we will respond as soon as possible to your enquiry and we will do everything to make your tour a success. You will experience the real Sahara Desert and meet true desert families who will look after you and treat you as thier family. This is an experience you will remember for the rest of your life.

Our suggested tours of Morocco for ideas of your trip. Tour may last from a single day to several weeks, can start at any time of the day on any day of the week and from anywhere in Morocco. More tours in different length and routes are available for your selection. Please contact us for more details.

Sustainable Tourism in Morocco

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