Merzouga 4x4 Desert Tours & Excursions



Merzouga 4×4 Desert Tours are a fantastic way to explore so many different and interesting sites around Erg Chebbi desert including Berber villages, Hassi Labied oasis, Merzouga seasonal lake (Srij), Khamlia village, fossils mines, visit the nomad’s families…and admire beautiful panoramic views of this stunning Sahara desert.

Highlights of: Merzouga 4x4 Desert Tours

Here are the highlights of the Merzouga 4×4 Desert Tours:

  • Visit Merzouga Desert oasis
  • Seasonal Lake Srij
  • Khamlia Gnawa village
  •  Fossiles Mines
  •  Visit to the nomad families
  • Beautiful panoramic views

Top Merzouga Desert Excursions

Hassi Labied Oasis

Our Merzouga 4×4 excursion is the best option for those who want to explore different and interesting sites around Erg Chebbi dunes we’ll visit the peaceful Hassi labied oasis to see its irrigation canal and land agriculture.

Merzouga lake

We’ll head south to the seasonal Srij lake ( if there’s water in it) when there is water so usually get there different birds, including pink flamingos…you can see the sand dunes in the background on one side, mountains on the other side and it’s really wonderful view.

 Khamlia Village                                          

We’ll continue to Khamlia village if you are interested to listen to the Gnawa music of the dark skin people who were brought to Morocco as immigration over hundred years ago and they were working as slaves… In the village, they have an association where they keep their tradition and sing for the people who are interested to hear their African music style.

  Fossils Mines                                           

Afterward, we’ll continue to M’ifis mines decide the tourism Merzouga desert it is also famous for minerals and fossils. The mines of M’ifis are located on a high plateau that has an amazing panoramic view of the dunes and desert scenery, they are at one end of Erg Chebbi, near a small military town. The mines are open cast and still operating and the Berber workers experience the daily adventure of working in pits that are more than 35 m deep.

Berber Nomad Families                                             

During our Erg Chebbi 4×4 tours we’ll have the opportunity to visit a nomad Berber family who is still living in their tent in the middle of the Sahara where we will be welcomed with a glass of mint tea and learn about nomadic life in the desert…we’ll make stops at different panoramic views to enjoy the scenery and take pictures of the sights… then we’ll come back to the village.

This Morocco desert tours can be done in the morning or in the afternoon, if you have your own car we will send you our location on google maps to reach our place in Hassi Labied village but if not, we will be happy to pick up and drop you off at your accommodation where you are staying in Merzouga.

4x4 Morocco Tours Pricing Includes

Here are the things included in the pricing of the Merzouga 4×4 Desert Tours:

  • Free parking for your car ( If you have one )
  • Tour en comfortable 4×4 A/C + Fuel
  • Experienced local driver
  • Visit all interesting places around the Merzouga desert
Frequently Asked Questions
This desert trip will start and end  at our hotel or camp in Merzouga area.
Yes, of course you can include the sandboarding activity in this trip.
The 4×4 tour around the Merzouga desert takes approximately 4 hours.
Our Merzouga tours & excursions are private which the best way to travel comfortably and more flexibly.
This trip can be done in the morning or in the afternoon.
What To Know?

Before you book this Merzouga 4×4 desert tours kindly read the following points: 

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