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Fes sightseeing city tour is the best way to discover the historic northeastern Moroccan town oftentimes referred to as the country’s cultural capital known for its famous Fes el Bali walled medina which is home to religious schools and many other interesting sites that you shouldn’t miss while you are in Fes.
 Our guided city tour of Fez will enable you to explore the top places to visit in Fes including the famous Blue gate decorated Moorish gate to the old medina, the Royal Palace with its ornate gate, The Mellah the historic Jewish quarter in Fez, and continue to one of the best panoramic views where you will enjoy the scenery of the mountains and amazing view of the town from the top.
Our Fes city tour will take us further to the Ceramic factory and pottery pieces include vases, plates, pots, dishes, bowls to see and learn how are made from the local gray clay… and then to visit the Chouara Tannery the traditional tannery with a roof terrace, Bou Inania Madrasa the historic educational institution, Nejjarine Fondouk the museum of wood carving & crafts, Al Attarine Madrasa historic, Islamic religious institute, we will walk also through the narrow streets of its old medina and explore its vibrant souks and watch the daily life of the Moroccan local people.

Highlights of: Fes Sightseeing City Tour

Here are the highlights of the Fes Sightseeing City Tour:

  • Blue decorated gate 
  • The Royal Palace
  • The Mellah “Jewish quarter in Fez”
  • Enjoy amazing panoramic view of the town from the top
  • The Ceramic factory 
  • Chouara traditional Tannery 
  • Bou Inania Madrasa
  • Nejjarine Fondouk
  • Al Attarine Madrasa
  • Vibrant Souks
  • Walkthrough old Medina’s narrow alleyways

Tour Itinerary: Fes Sightseeing City Tour

Fes is a Moroccan city located in the north of the Kingdom with a population of an estimated 1,245,303, Fes considered the oldest of Morocco’s four imperial cities founded in 789 by Idriss I and oftentimes called the cultural capital of Morocco and has a deep history.
Bab Bou Jeloud “Blue gate”
Our Fes guided city tour will start from the old Bab Bou Jeloud gate that was a simple, modest gate that may have dated essentially from the 12th century. It gave access straight to the start of Tala’a Kebira, the main souk street that crosses the median and leads to the Qarawiyyin mosque and university at the heart of the city.
The Royal Palace 
The Dar el Makhzen or the Royal Palace was built back in the 13th century in the area of Fes el Jadid (New Fes) during your Fes city tour you will visit this amazing sight with its decorated gates. It is the official residence of His Majesty King Mohammed VI of Morocco and his family.
The Mellah “Jewish quarter in Fez”
The Mellah (Jewish quarter) in Fez was established in 1438 and was the first of its kind in Morocco and was home to the Jews of Fez for more than 500 years. There are several walled Jewish quarters in different cities in Morocco where the Jewish people lived before.
Fes Panoramic view
Our sightseeing tour in Fes will take us to enjoy one of the best panoramic views over the whole city of Fes and the old medina located in Fes El Bali (Old Fes) is an ancient walled medina with narrow, car-free streets and a number of historical monuments. We’ll appreciate the amazing sight of mountains and the entire town.

The Ceramic handicraft

We will continue to visit one of the Ceramic art factories and pottery pieces include vases, plates, pots, dishes, bowls to see and learn how are made from the local gray clay…In Fes ceramic factories everything is traditional and locally made by hands.

Chouara Tannery

Chouara Tannery is the largest and the oldest in Fez city it has been there since the 11th century, the dyes used in the tannery pits are natural and different including the blue comes from indigo, red, from poppy or paprika…and more the Tannery is located in the old medina.

Bou Inania Madrasa

Bou Inania Madrasa is the finest and the greatest of Fes’s colleges located in the old medina and was built between 1351 and 1357 by the Merinid sultan Bou Inan. It is widely acknowledged as a high point of Marinid architecture and of historic Moroccan architecture generally.

Nejjarine Fondouk

Nejjarine Fondouk is a historic Funduq al-Najjarin situated in Fes el Bali (old Fes) in the heart of the old medina. The building was designed for use by the merchants, traders, and visitors to the city of Fez and provided a storage place.

Al Attarine Madrasa

This is the second finest Medersa of Fez. It is a medieval Koranic School. It is named after the perfumers located in the spice and perfume market nearby. It was built in 1325 by the Merenid sultan, Abou Said Othman. You can see a variety of rich zellij, wood, and stucco decorations.

During our guided sightseeing tour in Fes city, you will have also the opportunity to walk through old Medina’s narrow alleyways and its vibrant souks, and the daily life of the local people in Morocco.

Fes Sightseeing City Tour Fez Pricing Includes

Here are the things included in the pricing of the Fes Sightseeing City Tour:

  • Pick up and drop off you at your hotel in Fes
  • Tour in air-condition vehicle A/C + Fuel to take you to the main attractions that are located outside the old medina
  • Experienced driver
  • Fes sightseeing city tour with the local official guide
  • Visit all interesting places & sites in Fes
  • Stops for panoramic views, take pictures, and free time for lunch

Fes Sightseeing City Tour Pricing Excludes

Here are the things NOT included in the pricing of the Fes Sightseeing City Tour:

  •  Lunch
  •  Drinks
  • Entrance fee to monuments
Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Fes is worth visiting, It’s Morocco’s oldest imperial city, often called the cultural capital of the country, and has a deep history to be discovered.

The guided Fes city tour departs at 9:00 am and ends around 15:00 pm so it takes around 7 hours more or less.
Our sightseeing Fes city tours start and end in your hotel in Fes.
What To Know?

Before you book this guided Fes city tour kindly read the following points: 

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