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During our camel trekking merzouga, always we take care of you and provide you with everything you need during your stay in the Sahara. Prepare your meals, we live in a traditional camp and sleep in a Berber tent. For us, the most important is your “Safety” and “Comfort”.

Treks & Trips:

After booking your camel trip to the Sahara desert or other circuit with us, we will send you a packet with all the information on how to prepare for your walk/ride and will provide suggestions all that is advisable to take along the way.


We assign a camel to ride. You can choose to walk if you want to feel the warmth of the sand at your feet. Most of the people combine the walk and camel, especially when traveling for more than one night.



We cook for you a delicious and varied traditional Moroccan food : tagine, soup, salads and fresh fruits. Healthy foods..

Desert Nights:

After enjoying a spectacular sunset, will be greeted with sweet tea and a delicious dinner. Have time to enjoy a magical sky under a blanket of stars, listening to thousand and one stories about the desert or the fire dance, while the Berber men playing traditional music with drums.


mint tea is not just a drink in Morocco, is a sign of hospitality, friendship and tradition. Since this drink is so popular, it is served throughout the day, after every meal, and every conversation. Moroccans are proud of their tea and often ask a visitor to come into their group of friends causes it to become the best cup. Is needed a minimum of two to three cups so as not to offend the host.



We offer you a large Bedouin tent in the desert to rest comfortably.

Berber Pizza:

Usually, it has a filling of meat, but this version has a filling plant onions, tomatoes and herbs … Adjust the seasoning to make it as spicy as you like. It can be buried in the hot sand for baking or baked. There’s nothing like fresh bread.

" Your happiness is most important for us "
Sustainable Tourism in Morocco
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